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22 Août 2019


what are the french distribution margins ?
how to build my tariff ?
how to build my sales force ?
how much does it cost to work with the french distribution ? ...

feasability studies
to buying groups
to other channels
sales force
selling in France
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Our goal is to help companies that wish to develop their business opportunities in France and around the world

Etienne Bognar on + 33 6 63 77 92 12

etienne bognar

We provide Export auditing, Market research, Partner search qualification and trade fair assistance services

We have experience and a network of qualified individuals in France’s most relevant markets (from the food industry to luxury cosmetics, high tech and industrial markets) and distribution channels ( from specialized distributors, sales agents, main retailers, supermarkets and hypermarkets)

We know how to get in touch with the French buying groups and how to offer and sell your products through their hypermarkets networks.

We offer you to find your future distribution channel. You may advertise, use our warehouse, give a mission to our sales force.

We train you to buying groups selling, because you may want to know this specific channel better, because you want to train your trade employees
We also do have network partners all around the world ... Moreover in the US where we are in touch with WALL MART, AHOLD etc...

New : Hire you sales workforce for only 15 euros .

For any general enquiries n our service s please contact michel vernet on + 33 6 79 90 77 82

Should you want more specific information on how to position your products with different retailers , find the right distributors , look for the right work force, find the right market information then call Etienne Bognar on + 33 6 63 77 92 12

etienne bognar