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20 Juillet 2019


what are the french distribution margins ?
how to build my tariff ?
how to build my sales force ?
how much does it cost to work with the french distribution ? ...

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your products sold to french buying groups

We relie on two major rules :

- the necessity of knowing executives in buying groups, of knowing the goals of these buyers, and of knowing precisely how the system is running, especilly concerning the chain stores you are interested in.

- the necessity of understanding and using the new technologies in working with wholestores.


OUR SKILLS can be defined as written:

SELECT suppliers and products:

Thanks to the internet , we are proposed to sell lots of products. We do have to strictly select all the propositions we have, regarding products ( do they match the french market, quality, price … ) regarding supplier too ( productive and logistical reliability, financial health… ).


PROPOSE the selected products TO BUYERS :

Thanks to our knowledge of the french distribution network, we propose the right product to the right distributor, regarding its image, its goals. We concretely know almost all the hypermarkets and supermarkets all over the french territory. First of all, our business is to be in the field, proved by our experience within worldwide companies ( BONGRAIN ) as well as smaller ones ( STYPEN, MOREL ). The SERIOUS of our work is OUR MAIN STRENGTH, the indispensable competitive advantage in order to WIN THE RELIANCE OF THE DISTRIBUTOR.



Our business activity is completed with a training activity towards students and professional sales men…" the man in the field is closely allied to the theorist". This situation is very important in order to always call himself in question to give the right answers to the needs of our distributors customers, moreover, to our common customers which are final stores customers.


So do we propose to help you selling your products thanks to our relationships in the first time. In the second time, our work will consist in searching information about the market and the chain stores you are interested in, and in getting formaly in touch with the buyer.



Please also see " e-learning" to help you selling your products yourself on the French market

Allowing your products to be sold through buying groups takes time, from several months to 1 year... In the first time, our work will give you access to major operationnal information that can be :

the name of the buyers
their opinion on your products regarding competitors
the advices of stores we will consult
the prices, packagings, positionning ... of your competitors on t he french market
We will also work hard to succeed in positionning product-tests within stores, so will we ask you first

a fixed amount + commissions for a quick presence of your products within stores.